Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm going to SOAR this year

I got into SOAR (Spin Off's Autumn Retreat) this year. SOAR is an annual spinning conference that is probably the largest in the world. The top instructors teach there. If you spin, this is the place to be.

My getting in this year was due to luck (and statistical probability). A lot more people applied to go this year compared to the number of available spots. They had a 5 day period in April where they accepted applications. From those applications, they selected by random drawings who got to attend. Some of it is related to the popularity of the classes you are interested in taking.

SOAR consists two separate parts. The first part is a three day intensive course. They have several choices available. Participants are able to list three choices in order.

The second part of SOAR is two days of half day classes. That is just strictly a numbers game. You don't choose the classes until you are at SOAR.

To me, with the price of travel, it only makes sense to attend both parts. The location changes every year. This year it is in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. Next year it is in Bend, Oregon. Last year it was in Michigan.

Got to have something to look forward to. I've been keeping really busy with the pet sitting and dog walking. Yes, I am walking dogs in the middle of the day and the highs last week were in the upper 90's to 101. The heat here is a wet heat, so it makes it feel quite a bit hotter.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yes, It has been forever since I posted

Yes, it has been forever since I posted a blog entry. Farset and work have been keeping me insanely busy. I've also been trying to complete some knitting projects. I made a fancy diagonal mohair scarf for my DH's aunt. I just finished my first real sock. I started last spring. I am not real thrilled with how it turned out. I definitely need to practice my kitchner stitch.

Farset turned 8 months old last weekend. She is about 115 pounds (and has remained so for the last 3 weeks) and about 30 inches tall. She is going to be a big girl.

More later including pictures.