Friday, September 26, 2008

I am going on vacation!!

I can't wait. I am going on vacation on Saturday. It will be the first real vacation I've been on since this time last year. I will be following my DH around while he participates in Cycle North Carolina. He will be cycling from Black Mountain to Oak Island.

Next week I will be driving up to the Poconos for SOAR 2008. I can't wait to have a whole week devoted to spinning. I am bummed out that Heather Ordover (of Craftlit fame) will not be coming this year, but I am looking forward to getting away.

I was able to find a great person to help me out. Not only is she going to take care of my dog walks while I am out of town, she is going to take care of my dogs and my other dog sitting jobs. I have someone else taking care of my cat sitting jobs. I've been busy enough to need help even after I get back. I feel very fortunate to find good people to help me out.

Both have their own pet related businesses.

My dog walk and dog sitting person is: Ruth Jones
Her website is:
She create pet portraits

My cat sitting person is: Sue King
Her website is:
She performs pet massage, the Healing touch, quantum healing, Reiki, and teaches classes
Both have their own businesses

Farset is now 11 months old

Farset is now 11 months old. She still weighs about 150.4 pounds.

She has been eating like there is no tomorrow. She has been eating even more than Lagan ever did.
Currently gets fed two times a day:
- 5 to 6 cups of dry food (I have changed her food to a higher calorie food to cut down on the fiber – cuts down on the amount of poop)
- 1/2 can of canned food
- 1/2 pound of 4% cottage cheese
- 1/2 cup of canned green beans

This is on top of treats and occasionally stealing some of Lagan’s or Murphy’s food. We’ve been going through a 30 pound bag every week and a half. It has become very expensive.

Lagan’s prescription Duck & Potato food is now selling for $91 for a 32 pound bag. He goes through a bag in about 3 weeks. I spend a lot on pet food.