Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spending a Day at Moab, UT (Tuesday)

Once again, the weather was beautiful. With a high around 69 F. There was cloud cover for a lot of the day which was fine with me.

My dh biked the Moab Brand Trails
I drove the Willow Springs Flat Off-road trail and hiked around in Arches National Park.

Lunch at the Love Muffin Cafe

Me & my dh hiked around at the Dead Horse Point State Park - about 3.7 miles (probably more for me)
Yes, I know the name is kind of gruesome
I saw a Jack Rabbit (and took its picture), a ton of Big Horn Sheep tracks and poop, and a Kit Fox poop and tracks. I couldn't believe how many Big Horn Sheep signs we saw. There were tracks everywhere and poop too. Some of the poop was quite recent.

All you can eat pizza at Zax (we watched vintage bowling - a match from 1974)

Soak in the hot tub at the hotel

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