Monday, March 2, 2009

Travels to Moab, UT and Grand Junction, CO

My mom is moving to Grand Junction, CO. My dh and I offered help her move. This includes packing a trailer and then driving it out to CO.

We left on Saturday, Feb 28,around 7:45 am towing a trailer filled with mom's furniture. We drove straight through stopping only to eat and fill up the tank (a frequent occurrence).

We arrived in Grand Junction around 2:00 pm on Sunday. I think that it was about 1900 miles. We dropped off the trailer and headed to Moab for a couple of days R & R before we meet mom in Grand Junction on Thursday morning. We arrived in Moab around 4:00 pm.

We walked around Moab checking out the changes since our last visit. The last time I was here was 3 years ago; my dh was here about 2 years ago.

Dh biked the Gemini Bridges Trail
I drove the trail stopping frequently to take lots of photos.


Afternoon: We hiked the Corona Arch trail (about 2.5 miles)
Drove down the Long Canyon Trail (very pretty)

I took lots of photos today, but it is unlikely I will get a chance to post any of them anytime soon.

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