Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday in Moab, UT

Once again, the weather was just wonderful. My husband and I hiked the Syncline Loop trail in the Canyonlands National Park near Moab, UT. It was an 8.3 mile loop with an initial downhill hike of 1500 ft. Since it was a loop trail, what goes down must come up. We walked near the bottom for a little while and then up we went. We took the trail clockwise which was definitely the best way to go. The uphill bit was spread out over a number of miles. I do actually prefer hikes that don't start with an uphill bit. It seems to take me a while to warm up. It took me about 6 hours with few stops. My husband added an extra mile to go to the center of the odd formation. I was ready to be done, so I skipped that part.

It was absolutely beautiful scenery. I took lots of pictures, at least I did until my camera's battery went dead. I am really glad we did it, but I am now very tired. I imagine that I will be pretty sore tomorrow. We are off to the hot tub to soak out our muscles.

Tomorrow we are off to Grand Junction to unload the trailer of my mom's stuff that we hauled from NC. She arrived in Grand Junction with her 3 cats today. She left on Saturday just like we did.

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